Enjoy the Conveyor belt Sushi Honolulu without knowing Japanese!

You must have heard the name Sushi, which is a type of food originated in Japan. It consists of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients like meat, seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. Kaiten Sushi or Kaiten zushi as they pronounce it in Japan is a fast-food Sushi as opposed to traditional Japanese Sushi restaurant.

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Kaiten Sushi Hawaii is the Hawaii version of these restaurants. Here the plates are moving around the restaurant on a slowly moving conveyor belt. Customers can pick up their favorite dish as it passes by their table. The plates have different colors and based on a number of plates picked by you and type of plate, you get the final bill. Some restaurants have a flat rate for all food items making it simple for billing. Sushi has become a popular dish in restaurants all over the World. Water, sauce, and other condiments are self-serve.

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Along with some migrating Japanese people, Kaiten Sushi has moved to places like England and the United States. There are Kaiten Sushi Hawaii restaurants serving Japanese and some other fast food also to the Hawaii locals and tourists. The overseas restaurants have adapted themselves to the local culture maintaining their specialty.

The conveyor belt sushi Honolulu is a fun place for families with young children as well as people who don’t know Japanese but still want to enjoy the Japanese food. The conveyor belt with Sushi is monitored by the restaurant staff to remove any Sushi which is rotating for a long time. New plates are constantly added to the belt as customers pick up the earlier ones.

In these Sushi Restaurants, the Menu is available on display and the guest just needs to understand the color of the plate and the price for each color dish. The interesting thing is guests can pick up whatever they like (as they see) and no need to know the exact name of the dish or speak Japanese. You can also order specific Sushi if it’s not on the conveyer belt. There are fancy variations done by some restaurants and belt is replaced by water channel and plates are replaced by small wooden boats, etc.

While setting up best sushi Hawaii, customers are also given choice of other food, soups, beverages or desserts. Though in Japan, these restaurants are considered as budget restaurants, they have become fun-filled fast food restaurants at other places, especially the tourist locations. As people like to try food from different countries, Sushi has gained its popularity with those who want to try Japanese food without going to Japan.

Kaiten Sushi is famous in Japan for decades and is gaining popularity in other countries. Don’t get surprised with excellent Sushi being in Hawaii with the cook from Japan. You can take away the Sushi or enjoy it inside. You can enjoy special Yakitori dishes and a variety of Sushi in these fast food joints. The knowledge and passion of the Sushi makers are reflected in every dish they make. Enjoy Sushi in Honolulu and other parts of Hawaii.


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