Top 7 Japanese Restaurants in Honolulu for Sushi and Everything Else

Sometimes, the craving to have Japanese food including sushi strikes and nothing satisfies until you get it. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish which is not only popular among Japanese people but worldwide. In Japan, sushi is preferred on special occasions and events.

Here is a list of top Japanese restaurants in Honolulu for Sushi:

Morimoto Waikiki: Morimoto Waikiki is one of Honolulu’s most up to date wanders into Japanese cooking. Located waterfront within Honolulu’s most sultry hotel, the Modern Waikiki, incredibly famous Chef Morimoto flawlessly mixes Western and Asian ingredients, making his mark cooking styles. This eatery offers a few menus, a to-go menu for gourmet dinners on the run, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu.

Irifune: At Irifune you’ll discover the best Japanese nourishment an individual can discover in Honolulu, and it’s tolerably estimated, relaxed, a home style. The hole in the wall eatery shrouds it awesome nourishment behind an extremely humble outside divider with an exceptionally comfortable feel inside. The nourishment is essentially incredible.

Kobe Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar: Energetic chefs chop and cut steak, chicken, shellfish, and vegetables just before your eyes in an extravagant presentation of teppanyaki cooking. It’s simply the spot to visit and eat the best sushi Honolulu when you are in the mood for a night of friendliness and fun.

Kuru Kuru Sushi Hawaii: Kuru Kuru Sushi Hawaii is a Hawaiian based restaurant in Kahala Mall and Pearl Kai Shopping Center to serve the best sushi Honolulu. The sushi at this restaurant is more yummy and fresh than Genki’s. Here, you’ll find other dishes like somein, lobster ball, spam, tako, tofu, miso soup, California roll etc.

Yanagi Sushi: Yanagi’s been around for a considerable length of time and is a most loved goal of celebs, so it’s much of the time swarmed, particularly at supper. That is not really a shock when you consider its faultless sustenance and friendly climate. Sushi is extraordinary, and the gourmet experts take awesome pride in their abilities. Table service is likewise accessible, and people exploit cooked dishes, similar to shabu, tempura, and teriyaki things.

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Banzai Sushi Bar: More and more sushi produced using privately got crisp fish and fish can be found at the North Shore’s Banzai Sushi Bar. Also, yes, there’s certainly a thoroughly stocked bar gloating a changes measure of lagers, wine and claim to fame mixed drinks. Unrecorded music happens consistently and it’s best to check in advance what’s going on that night. Notwithstanding the delectable menu and easygoing Hawaiian atmosphere, Banzai Sushi is additionally a cool spot for nightlife.

Nobu Waikiki: Indeed, even without a celebrity connection, the restaurant would be a culinary spot, kindness of gourmet expert Nobu Matsuhisa’s staggering nourishment and the spot’s careful services. Sushi gets a lot of consideration and also tobanyaki and tempura selections. Sushi restaurants in Hawaii know and understand your craving for sushi and offer quality and affordable sushi.


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